About DLC’s Confirmation Program

Confirmation at Dilworth Lutheran takes place from 7th-9th grade. Then in the Fall of their Sophomore year, the youth are confirmed. Our Confirmation program is relational and focuses on formation; not so much information.

In 7th and 9th Grade, youth come together once a month with their mentor for a program titled “Bridges to Faith 1 (7th Grade)” and “Bridges to Faith 2 (9th Grade). We model a lesson for them and then they have the next few weeks to do the next couple of lessons. Every lesson is founded on the 4 keys for Christian Living from Vibrant Faith Ministries especially “caring conversation.”

In 8th grade, Parents and Children are learners together. They come together weekly for 14 weeks for “Bible Basics”; learning about how their story and God’s story link together.

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