2020-2021 Council and Committees

Executive Committee

Cyndee Thormodson, President  2022

Katie Oman, Vice President  2022

LaVonne Matthews, Secretary  2021

Jim Conway, Treasurer  2021

Building and Grounds Committee

Tim Miller, 2022

Lance Tollefson, 2022

Perry Kleven (Council Rep.), 2021

Tom Miller, 2021

Shane Richards, 2021

Bill Ritter, 2021

Long Range Planning Committee

Mark Cottrell, 2022

Dennis Schmidtke (Council Rep.), 2022

Burton Johnson, 2021

Kevin Peterson, 2021

Mike Sipe, 2021

Talia Nelson, 2022

Education Committee

Tracey Holte, 2022

Amanda Paquin, 2022

Lindsay Varty (Council Rep.), 2022

Molly McKinnon, 2021

Jamie Cariveau, 2021

Shannon Ose, 2022

Jen Schreiber, 2022

Evangelism Committee

Scott Kittelson (Council Rep.), 2021

Todd Nelson, 2021

Matt Spessard, 2022

Bob Feigum, 2022

Lynette Seaburg, 2022

Finance Committee

Randy Fuss, 2022

Kevin Schoenborn, 2022

Jim Conway, 2021

Ross Paquin, 2021

Bud Stieha, 2021

Brian Christopherson (Council Rep.), 2022

Danielle Costello (Bookkeeper)

Stewardship Committee

Brittany Cameron, 2022

Mary Schoenborn, 2022

Brian Andrew, 2021

Matt Klungtvedt (Council Rep.), 2021

Tammy Tollefson, 2021

Tammy Stebleton, 2022

Worship and Music Committee

LaVonne Matthews, 2022

Leah Anderson (Council Rep.), 2021

Kristen Bergee, 2021

Deb Stultz, 2021

Cheri Berland, 2022

Gayle Bye, 2022

Youth Committee

Andrea Bauck, 2022

Kayla Walton, 2022

Mandy Cochran, 2021

Lisa Grafstrom (Council Rep.), 2021

Ashley Johnk, 2021

Abby Schreiber, 2022

Endowment Fund Committee

Cindy Andrew

Lori Devier

Nancy Erickson

Kathy Fiandaca

Renee Waller

  • Members can serve on a committee forever.
  • Non-members can serve on a committee but cannot vote or be a council rep or chairperson.
  • Council Reps (chairpersons) are limited to 2 consecutive terms (4 years) from a committee.
  • Council Reps from one committee are limited to 2 consecutive terms. NOTE: Chairpersons represent their committees at council unless committees designate otherwise. Council needs the reports and input from all the committees so if the chairperson or designated representative can’t attend please send someone else.