2017 -2018 Council and Committees

Congregational Council

Matt Spessard ~ President

Curtiss Peterson ~ Vice President

Paula Johnson ~ Secretary & Evangelism

Paul Myklebust ~ Treasurer

Brian Andrew ~ Stewardship

LaVonne Mathews ~ Worship & Music

Lori Hawk ~ Youth

Long Range Planning Committee

Perry Kleven ~ Chairman

Jeff Dosh

Burton Johnson

Mark Cottrell

Dennis Schidtke

Michael Surerus

Endowment Fund Committee

Janice Huwe

Ellie Balken

Helen Kappes

Renee Waller

Kathy Fiandaca

Building and Grounds Committee

Bill Ritter

Tim Rinke

Shane Richards

Lance Tollefson

Jerry Waller

Tom Miller

Education Committee

Elise Johnson

Lori Weiser

Tracy Holte

Tawny Anderson

Katie Oman

Gina Mastin

Evangelism Committee

Paula Johnson ~ Council Representative

Janice Huwe ~ Chairwoman

Vern Wevley

Bonnie Nelson

Larry Scott

Finance Committee

Paul Myklebust ~ Council Representative

Kevin Schoenborn ~ Chairman

Roger Rudolph

Bryan Bienek

Bud Stieha

Stewardship Committee

Brian Andrew ~ Council Representative

Tammy Tollefson

Kathy Fiandaca

Curtiss Peterson

Matt Spessard

Worship and Music Committee

LaVonne Mathews ~ Council Representative

Anna Erickson

Ashley Johnk

Karen Radtke

Christine Royal

Wayne Shultz

Youth Committee

Lori Hawk ~ Council Representative

Dave Fortin

Lisa Grafstrom

Jana Thune

Tara Jacobson

Brandi Juntunen

Nominating Committee

Ashley Johnk

Curtiss Peterson

Matt Spessard

Tammy Tollefson

Eventide Delegate

Brian Andrew

New Life Center Delegate

Paula Johnson

  • Members can serve on a committee forever.
  • Non-members can serve on a committee but cannot vote or be a council rep or chairperson.
  • Council Reps (chairpersons) are limited to 2 consecutive terms (4 years) from a committee.
  • Council Reps from one committee are limited to 2 consecutive terms. NOTE: Chairpersons represent their committees at council unless committees designate otherwise. Council needs the reports and input from all the committees so if the chairperson or designated representative can’t attend please send someone else.